Spare 9mm Italian charm

Spare 9mm Italian Charm Matte Links

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Price is for (3) matte stainless steel links!

Perfect if you need to add length to your bracelet.

Each link will add approximately 1/2" in length to your existing bracelet.
Compatible with all standard 9mm Italian charms.

9mm Italian charms are so much fun to collect and wear.
We have charms for any occasion including birthstones,
medical alert, pets, you name it, we've got it.
The modular spring loaded links connect to each other
to create a bracelet.

With our charms, you can create your one of a kind
keepsake bracelet that tells your story. Switch out the
charms for different holidays, anniversary, school,
the birth of a child...we could go on and on.

So...what are you waiting for?
Start collecting 9mm Italian charms today!

All of our 9mm Italian charms are stainless steel.

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