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I was gifted the body butter and loved it so much, I ordered another one. Great product for dry skin

We are so happy to hear how much you like the body butter. Enjoy!

Great product and service!

The bracelets were exactly what I wanted.

The bracelets were exactly what I wanted.

Windrift Hill Handmade Moisturizing Goats Milk Body Butter For Very Dry Skin

Love this product. My skin can very dry and itchy, and this skin cream feels healing and soothing. I can recommend it. I love the "Fresh" scent!


Beautiful colors and very sturdy.

Beautiful and sturdy

These charms are beautifully designed and would be a nice addition to your keychain or bracelet. These are sturdy and made well


I received a jar of t.s. pink Bath Whip for Christmas two years in a row and decided I like it so much I'd go on line so I wouldn't run out of it. Also wanted to see what other scents were available. This whip leaves my skin so soft and the scents are amazing. I've used the buttermilk and honey and loved it's sweet but lite scent. Coconut/lime and Lavender are also lite, not overpowering scents. Coconut/lime is a great scent for summer. Lavender is a good scent for anytime. I just love it.

Love this

I love this body butter. I actually bought the first one in a shop when I was on a work trip and when I came home my 16 year old son took it from me. We use it for our hands since they get so dry from the constant washing. I ended up going online and ordering 4 more. The Huckleberry is a very mild scent which makes it wonderful for my son to use. I also bought lavender and LOVE the smell. I intend to try the lotion next.

awesome soaps

These are the finest soaps I have ever used, Highest quality.

EXCELLENT products

I bought the body butter while visiting the store at Ghost Ranch near Abiquiue, NM; it's an amazingly moisturizing hand, face , neck and body creme. And I will be buying a LOT of it!


The lotions are very rich and moisturize unlike most others. I don’t care for plum crazy, but love Apricot and One.

Great lip balm

Great flavors, long lasting, good moisturizer for chapped lips. Helps prevent chapped lips also.

Best lotion I've ever found!

I've had major skin issues and problems for almost 10 years and tried so many things over the years. Everything from prescription meds/lotion to all organic herbal creams and on and on. Then while on vacation in South Dakota, I came across Windrift lotions. I love the Mother Earth fragrance. I used up that bottle quickly and spent time tracking down the website so I could get more. I've bought both the lotion for all over softness and the butter for the scars and fragile skin on my lower legs and feet. It's just amazing! Even my wound care doctor sees the difference and has been asking me what I've been using! My skin feels good, is soft, not even flaky. The scars are softer and no longer feel like finally feels like skin again. I will be buying on a regular basis. Thank you so much for such a great product. Please don't ever stop making it.

Great hand creme

For someone who lives in the high desert southwest, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, this is the best hand creme I have ever found. I use it every night and my hands stay moist all day.

I'm in love!

I bought the body butter while purchasing the lotion... Mother Earth. I have severe scars on both feet and lower legs and the skin becomes stiff and hard (like plastic) but it's actually extremely fragile and I have to be very careful what I use to soften the skin. It must be gentle without artificial ingredients. I've loved the lotion but had never seen the body butter. I've been using it once or twice a day now for just over a week and the change is amazing! The skin is so much softer and feels so much more like normal skin. Even my doctor said that the skin looks better and is much softer. I can't wait to see how much the scars soften over the next few months with continued use. After years of slow healing and trying many other lotions and butters I'm in love with this! And I love the scent. Thank you!

The best i had my second bottle unscented yahoo

Great service!

I ordered two charms from this site and my first package got lost. After I reached out they were so helpful and sent a new package out that thankfully arrived in just a couple of days.

Excellent communication and service!! Thank you!!!

Wonderful lotion

My favorite part is the list of ingredients. Doesn't take 30 minutes to get through only to find something I have an allergy to! Great lotion, Great fragrances. Will be my go to gift. I gave a bottle to my girlfriend and her husband confiscated it....not for long though. Good job!

Arrived on time to St. Patrick's

Arrived on time to St. Patrick's AND did not break so I will have it again for next year

Smell awesome

I know the product and wanted to test different scents for next time :)

Exactly what I ordered

Great little pill box that fits in a purse.

Very happy

My order arrived faster than expected and I am very happy with the product. Can recommend these creams to anyone.

Beautiful Butterfly Bracelet

I love this bracelet. Intentionally got it hoping I could figure out how to turn it into a watch band, but I haven't been able to figure it out, yet! I will wear it as a bracelet happily.

Any of these watches are compatible with all of our standard 9mm Italian Charms. Hope this helps!

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