Windrift Hill Handmade Moisturizing Bath & Body Oil

Windrift Hill Handmade Moisturizing Bath & Body Oil

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This unique formula of body-silkening oils helps the skin retain vital moisture. 
Shake bottle before each use and enjoy the long lasting softness.
Directions: Apply to warm bath water or apply directly to skin.
Excellent massage oil!
Prices is for one 8oz bottle in your choice of scent.

Lovely Lavender: A natural disinfectand and a classic scent, soothing to the senses.
Citrus Sun: A wonderful blend of Grapefruit, California Lemon, Mandarin and Nectarine with fruity notes of Peach down to White Ginger. A Clean uplifting aroma!
Lively Apricot: 
A yummy blend of Fruit and Floral Aromas.
A sensuous blend of Pear, Apple, Peach, Raspberry, Melon, Lily of the Valley, Jasmine, Musk and Vanilla.
A wonderful light, romantic scent. Heavy lily fragrance with a note of pink grapefruit. Absolutely a Must for Summer!
Mother Earth: Juniper, Patchouli, Vanilla, Rose Geranium and Jasmine are combined for an Earthy Scent. 
Goats n' Oats: 
pure essential almond oil
Rain: the nicest rain you will ever smell - one of our most popular scents
Plum Crazy: a bed of plum blossoms is the inspiration behind this fragrance. This fragrance has elegance and depth.
ONE: the best blend of florals and fruits with undertones of pure vanilla and delicate musks. A "Have to Try" scent!
Unscented: pure and natural

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Customer Reviews

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Lisa Friedly
Love Windrift Hill products.

I love all the Windrift Hill products I've used. I use the bath oil, lotion and body butter. I've had dry skin most of my life but then developed severe skin issues especially on my feet and lower legs. I spent 3 months in the hospital saving my legs from being amputated. I saved my legs and now a year after returning home I still use the the Mother Earth body butter on the scars to keep them soft, the oil is put on in the shower and lotion is used any other time I need lotion. Even my wound care doctor loves your product. He kept asking what I was using. When I took the jar to him, he loved it. Now he's using the unscented and recommending it to other patients. It's fantastic and has made me feel wonderful again...even scared, I'm soft and beautiful thanks to Windrift Hill, Mother Earth products. Thank you so much 🥰

Royal Randolph

The best i had my second bottle unscented yahoo

Kathy Hansen

I buy Mother Earth and love the smell. I get so many complements about how good I smell!!! I love the way it absorbs into the skin so you can get dressed right away. Best stuff ever. Thank u

sally law

I won’t use any other oil! The Rain smell is the best!

Ellen Savage
Wonderful oils!!

I have used these oils for over a decade. Lately I add them to my bath water for extra luxuriousness. They are consistent in scent, texture, viscosity, and aroma. I have a favorite, but I do try to allow myself new smells too!!

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