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                                                                                  August 24th, 2020
I was vending at holiday shows last season, the ladies in the booth next to me were selling Color Street Nail Strips! I'd never heard of Color Street until then. It did not take long to see customers entering our booth with beautiful, just left the salon nails. Naturally, I had to investigate this product for y'all. They put a sample on me, gave me some info and I walked back to my booth a little skeptical that this product was everything I was promised. I got a full manicure (with design) in less than 5 minutes and my nails looked AMAZING! The best part nails were TOTALLY DRY so it didn't disrupt my ability to assist customers. After all, I was a vendor at a high traffic event, there was little downtime to grab a snack, let alone waiting for nail polish to dry! One after another, my customers commented on how cute my nails were....but could these nails polish strips withstand my test?
I'm a no fuss kind of girl and as a business owner there is so little time and so much to do.... painting my nails is just not a priority. If I can get them to dry without smudging (Grrr) inevitably, they chip within the first day. I'm rough on my nails y'all. My Color Street nails were perfect the entire show. I kept going back to the Color Street booth to buy more packs because  Color Street nail strips are nail polish MAGIC! Now, I have beautifully polished and designed nails in under 5 minutes with NO DRY TIME. I LOVE this product and I know that you will love it too!
I've never represented another company so you should know this is a big deal! If you are skeptical (I was too) I would strongly suggest you purchase a pack and try it for yourself! If you are already wearing Color Street Nails Strips then you already know how AMAZING this product is!
~Korine Poe- Owner of Charmed Creations LLC

The fall line drops tomorrow (8/25/2020) so head over to my Color Street website to place your order! Buy 3 get 1 FREE on colors, glitters and designs or BOGO FREE on French Manicures.

Halloween Strips Are Selling Out!

Some FAQ'S
What are Color Street 100% nail polish strips? Color Street nail strips are real nail polish in a dry strip form, with base coat, color coat and top coat in every strip. It's a quick, easy way to give yourself a salon-quality manicure without any mess or wait time.
What are Color Street nail polish strips made from? Color Street nail strips are made from 100% real nail polish. 
How long does it last? Although everyone’s nails are different, your Color Street manicure can last up to 10 days. Color Street strips are more durable than liquid polish, so they are more chip-resistant and last longer.
What if it looks like I can just peel it off? When you open the package, the strips are about 95% dry - which makes them flexible and repositionable. They need 15 to 30 minutes to completely set to your nails.
How do I remove Color Street nail strips from my nails? Since our nail strips are made of 100% nail polish, you can use regular nail polish remover.